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Hong Islands

Hong IslandsThe island is located in the district. The bungalow is called the Bokor Karnani National Park. Koh Lipe Bile It is a beautiful island surrounded by turquoise waters. There are coral and coral around the island. Interesting spots are "Bile Bay" is a bay. Sandy Curve is a flying bird. The sand is clean, clear sea, emerald green with small fish. The beach is full of coral and coral reefs. The beach is suitable for swimming. It is considered to be one of the 10 most beautiful and clean beaches in the world.

Another characteristic of the island is the bay room (Lagoon) or in the sea, which is like a large natural pool. The wall is surrounded by steep cliffs. Room The only entrance about 10 meters wide can bring the boat into. The ground is clean and smooth. Shallow and very shallow. Suitable for swimming. It is also a place to hide the waves of fishermen. When a storm blows